Reedy Family

Present to about 1912
  • 2017_05_22_RubysFuneral
    Amy & Ben Barnett, Bill & Deb Barnett, Matt & Jaclyn Barnett and Ron Barnett at Ruby's funeral, May 22,2017
  • 2017_05_22_Reedys01
    Jim Barrett with granddaughter, Blake, Charles and Lisa Maulden, Kay Reedy Atchley, David Barrett, Jim Maulden and Bill Atchley at Ruby's Funeral, May 22, 2017
  • 2017_05_22_Reedys
    Jeff Reedy, Matt & Jaclyn Barnett, Ben & Amy Barnett, Mary & John Reedy, Kay Reedy Atchley and Deb & Bill Barnett
  • 2017_05_22_LowellReedys
    David Reedy, Mae Reedy,Tom Reedy, Rose Reedy Travis and Patrick Reedy (Shorty's family)
  • 2017_05_22_JohnMaryjpg
    Left, the Grants, former neighbors of Ruby with John and Mary Reedy
  • 2017_05_22_Jessica
    Jessica, Ron's daughter, center. Her mother Jan, in back and Jessica's children, Winter and Mason.
  • 2017_05_22_JeffDavid
    Jeff Reedy (left) Malinda Mitchell Reedy and David Reedy (right)
  • 2017_03_05_Reedys