2012_01_04_Levi_Birth Day
January 03-04 2012

  • 2012_01_04_LeviTyler01
    Levi Tyler Reedy's day of birth
  • 2012_01_04_LeviTyler02
    Waiting for baby Levi, Cathy, Bill, Joey, Don and Danielle
  • 2012_01_04_LeviTyler03
    Uncle Joey
  • 2012_01_04_LeviTyler04
  • 2012_01_04_LeviTyler05
    Waiting for baby Levi, James, Courtney, Danielle, Joey, Cathy and Bill
  • 2012_01_04_LeviTyler06
    Aunt Danielle and Uncle Joey
  • 2012_01_04_LeviTyler07
    Aunt Danielle and Papa Bill trying to see if Levi is here yet.
  • 2012_01_04_LeviTyler08
    Uncle Joey and Aunt Danielle waiting for Levi