Isaac Lippincott JR


Personal and Family Information

Isaac was born about 1744, the son of unknown parents. The place is not known.

He died about 1793. The place is not known.

His wife was Elizabeth Antram, who he married in 1768. The place has not been found. Their ten known children were Josiah (?-?), Stacy (?-?), Samuel (?-?), John (?-?), Priscilla (?-?), Elizabeth (?-?), Rebecca (?-?), Rachel (?-?), Mary (?-?) and Sarah (?-?).


BirthABT 1744
DeathABT 1793


Note 1

CALENDAR OF WILLS-- 1814-1817 page 257

1815, Aug. 27. LIPPINCOTT, Elizabeth, of Chester Twp.,Burlington Co., widow; will of. Son, Josiah Lippincott, $1. To surviving children of my son, Stacy Lippincott, $1. Son, John Lippincott, $60. Daughter, Priscilla (wife of William Stevenson), drawers, brass kettle, coverlet. Daughter, Elizabeth (wife of Samuel Burr), my hackel. Daughter, Mary (wife of Thomas Morris), bed quilt. Daughter, Rachel (wife of George Brown), $40. Daughter, Rebecca (wife of Thomas Wetherill), $40. Granddaughter, Elizabeth Lippincott (daughter of my son, John), 6 silver teaspoons. Wearing apparel to 3 daughters, Priscilla, Elizabeth, Mary or their children. Executor- son-in-law, Thomas Wetherill of Burlington Twp. Witnesses- Samuel Norcross, John Cox.

1817, Apr. 6. Codicil. Daughters, Rachel and Rebecca, each to have only $20 and the other $40 to return to residue of estate.

Witnesses- same. Proved Sept. 16, 1817.

1817. Sept. 16. Inventory, $471.50; made by George Deacon, Samuel Norcross.

File 12936 C.


Fact 1: September 16, 1817, Will proved15,16

Note 2

Source: (LFG) "LIPPINCOTT, Five Generations of the Descendants of Richard and Abigail Lippincott" by Judith M. Olsen (1982) pg. 90.

CALENDER OF WILLS--1791-1795 page 229

1793, Sept. 18. LIPPINCOTT, Isaac, Jr., of Chester Twp.,Burlington Co. yeoman; will of. Wife, Elizabeth, 1/7 of residue. Son, Josiah, home plantation, (the same having been entailed by my grandfather, Thomas Lippincott, to my father Isaac Lippincott, to me). Son, Stacy, money with which to complete a barn on tract in Chester Twp., bequeathed him by his grandfather, Isaac Lippincott. Son, John, a young mare; also, 40 acres purchased of William Hunter to be sold, when John is 21. Remainder of lands and personal estate to be sold. Division of residue to be made between, wife, Elizabeth, son, John, and daughters, Priscillai, Elizabeth, Rachel, Rebecca and Mary Lippincott. (Daughters, their share when 18.)

Executors- son, Josiah, and brother-in-law, Aaron Antrim. Witnesses- Peter Slim, Joseph Stokes and Henry Warrington. 1793, Nov. 17. Codicil. Should son, John, die before 21, his share of residue to be divided between, wife, Elizabeth, and daughters. Son, Stacy, to be one of the Executors in place on Aaron Antrim. Witnesses- James Clancy and Joseph Stokes. Proved Dec. 16, 1793.

Lib. 33, p. 38.

1793, Dec. 7. Inventory, L316.0.; made by Peter Slim and Joseph Stokes.

File 11393C.


Fact 1: November 17, 1793, Will proved17,18

Fact 2: Occupation: Farmer, Chester Twp., Burlington Co., NJ19,20