Ursina Pol Caspar


Personal and Family Information

Ursina was the daughter of unknown parents. The date and place of her birth have not been found.

She died on 20 AUG 1693 in Filisur, Graubunden, Switzerland.

Her husband was Hanzet Lutzi Riedi. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their five known children were Jachem (>1650-?), Riedi (?-?), Riedi (?-?), Tumesch (c1667-1720) and Magdalena (c1674-1744).


Death20 AUG 1693
Place: Filisur, Graubunden, Switzerland


Note 1


1. Hanzet Lutzi Riedi died on 15 Mar 1700 in Filisur, Graubunden, Switzerland. He was buried in Filisur Parrish Church. According to the research done by the Genealogical Institute Of Zurich of parrish cemetery records for Mr. Frank W. Reedy of Frankinton, LA; Hans Riedi (also known as Hanzet L. Riedi) died and was buried in Filisur, Switzerland, on March 15, 1700. He was buried next to his wife, Ursena (Pol Caspar) Riedi, who died on August 20, 1693. 

Filisur, is a small town deep in the heart of the Rhaetan Alps, located in the Caton of Graubunden. At the time Graubunden was an independent country. It did not join the Swiss Confederation until 1803. Parrish records for Filisur do not begin until 1690 and even then they are not complete. No birthdate or birthplace is known for Hanzet Riedi at this time. The name Riedi has citizenship in the towns of Papspels and Schmitten, and Filisur is just ten miles from Schmitten. The name has been there for a long time.

Ursina Pol Caspar died on 20 Aug 1693 in Filisur, Graubunden, Switzerland. She was buried in Filisur Parrish Church. Four children have been idenitified as descendants of Hans and Ursena Riedi from parrish records. Hanzet Lutzi Riedi and Ursina Pol Caspar had the following children: 

+2 i. Jachem Riedi. 
+3 ii. Luzi Riedi. 
4 iii. Margaretha Riedi. 
+5 iv. Tumesch Riedi. 
6 v. Magdalena Riedi(1) was born about 1674 in Filisur, Graubunden, Switzerland. She died on 15 Apr 1744 in Filisur, Graubunden, Switzerland. She was buried in Filisur, Graubunden, Switzerland.