Samuel Humbard


Personal and Family Information

Samuel was born on 6 MAY 1730 in Hanover, Hanover, Virginia, United States, the son of unknown parents.

He died on 11 JUL 1805 in Greene, Tennessee USA.

His wife was Sarah Painter, who he married in 1756 in Philadelphia, PA. Their nine known children were William Isaac (1758-1816), Jacob (1760-1797), Jonathan Thomas (1761-?), Mary Elizabeth (1763-1807), Hannah (1764-1833), Samuel (1770-?), Aden Painter (1772-1841), Sarah (1775-1860) and Susannah (1777-?).


Birth6 MAY 1730
Place: Hanover, Hanover, Virginia, United States
Death11 JUL 1805
Place: Greene, Tennessee USA


Note 1

Humbard, maybe Humbert