July 11 2008

  • 1997_03_Gertsies_grandkids
    (l to r, starting at back) Shannon, Sharla, Scott, Dawn, Spencer, Mandy, Brenda, David III, DeLanie, DeMichael, Taylor, Tyler, Rachel, Destinie, Caleb, Patrick…
  • 1997_05_Cathy
    passport picture
  • 1997_05_helen_reg
    Alexia, Tyler, Helen, Reg and Cathy
  • 1997_05_SouthAfrica_01
  • 1997_05_SouthAfrica_02
    Sandton Hotel, we stayed there for a couple weeks. Beautiful mall attached. Sandton is a suburb of Johannesburg.
  • 1997_05_SouthAfrica_03
    Me at the mall
  • 1997_05_SouthAfrica_04
    Ebony South Africa office building
  • 1997_05_SouthAfrica_05
    Pretty stuff at the mall