Christian Luther Sr


Personal and Family Information

Christian was born about 1732 in Strassburg, Germany, the son of John George Luther Jr and Maria Barbara Naegel.

He died in 1800 in Randolph County, NC.

His wife was Maria Christina Kelp, who he married in 1750 in Strassburg, Germany. Their five known children were Jacob J. (1757-1836), Jan Michael (1749-1834), George (1754-1834), Christian (1759-1825) and Barbara (1764-1798).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Christian Luther Sr


John George Luther Jr


John George Luther Sr


Albrecht Luther Jr


Susanna Clauss


Catharine Dorthea Hoffman


Maria Barbara Naegel



BirthABT 1732
Place: Strassburg, Germany
Place: Randolph County, NC