Caleb Antram


Personal and Family Information

Caleb was born on 18 FEB 1756 in Burlington County, N. J, the son of John Antram and Elizabeth Foster.

He died on 24 FEB 1842 in Warren Co VA.

He had four marriages/partners. His first wife was Hannah Fawcett, who he married on 5 APR 1781 in Mt. Pleasant, Virginia. They had no known children.

His second wife was Sarah Barlett, who he married on 30 NOV 1837. The place has not been found. They had no known children.

His third wife was Martha Morgan, who he married on 10 NOV 1796 in Frederick Co. VA. They had no known children.

His fourth wife was Sarah Garwood, who he married on 21 SEP 1786 in Culpeper Co, VA. Their three known children were Jesse (1787-1834), Elizabeth (1789-?) and Esther (1791-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Caleb Antram


John Antram


Thomas John Antrim


John Antram


Frances Butcher


Sarah Zelley


Daniel (Sealy) Zelley


Martha Eldridge


Elizabeth Foster



Birth18 FEB 1756
Place: Burlington County, N. J
Death24 FEB 1842
Place: Warren Co VA