Beulah Mae Goodwin


Personal and Family Information

Beulah was born on 20 SEP 1907 in Texas, the daughter of Victor Lewis Goodwin and Kate Jones Skinner.

She died on 4 JAN 2005 in Anson, Texas.

Her husband was Hubert S Neal. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their four known children were Sammy Dwaylan (1934-2007), Jerry (?-?), Edwin (?-?) and Linda Kay (?-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Beulah Mae Goodwin


Victor Lewis Goodwin


Grief Hickman Goodwin


John Walker Goodwin


Susanna Mustain


Achsah Caroline Price


Phineas K. Price


Paulina Bonaparte Waldo


Kate Jones Skinner



Birth20 SEP 1907
Place: Texas
Death4 JAN 2005
Place: Anson, Texas


Note 1

Beulah Mae Goodwin was born September 20, 1907 in East Texas.. Her parents were Victor L. & Mary Kate (Skinner) Goodwin... She was their 5th born.. She had 4 brothers Lewis, Royce, Hoyt, & Lon Goodwin .. And, she had 4 sisters Bertha (died as a baby) Ethel, Ruth & Lula Belle Goodwin....

She came to West Texas as a child.. She wrote about their experience on this long journey... They came by a Model-T. It was packed with their belongings so, the kids walked beside the car.. They had all kinds of problems but, it seemed to be a exciting time for her & her family.. Her Father was a farmer and they settled in Jones Co., Tx. close to Anson, Tx.
She married Hubert S. Neal in 1924 she was 17 yrs. old & Hubert was 22 yrs. old.. Other than the few yrs. they spent in Oklahoma in 1930 they lived & died in Jones County, Texas.. They had 4 sons Jerry, Sammy, Harold & Edwin Neal & they had one daughter Linda Kay Neal.
Beulah was a member of Northside Baptist Church she taught the womens class for years.. Her favorite song was "Sweet Beulah Land"... She died January 04, 2005 in the Anson Hospital and was buried at Mount Hope Cemetery by her husband Hubert Neal.. They had been married for 51 yrs. when he died in 1975.......