Allison Berch Mackey


Personal and Family Information

Allison was born on 24 APR 1902 in Fairview, MO, the son of Benjamin Franklin Mackey and Olive "Ollie" Upp.

He died on 23 NOV 1960 in Gomer, MO.

His wife was Helen G Hendren, who he married in ABT 1927. The place has not been found. Their only known child was Robert Looney (?-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Allison Berch Mackey


Benjamin Franklin Mackey


Olive "Ollie" Upp


Ellsworth Upp


Rachel Shiner


Tobias Riley Shiner


Mary Antrim



Birth24 APR 1902
Place: Fairview, MO
Death23 NOV 1960
Place: Gomer, MO