William Harmon Gentry


Personal and Family Information

William was born on 27 NOV 1871 in Ellsinore Carter County Missouri, USA, the son of William "Bill" Martin Gentry and Susan Emily Goodwin.

He died on 2 FEB 1936 in Trenton, Texas.

He had two marriages/partners. His first wife was Mary Emmie Clark, who he married in 1889. The place has not been found. Their five known children were Mary Axie (?-?), Flora (?-?), Susan (?-?), Bessie Ellen (?-?) and Anson Jones (?-?).

His second wife was Cordelia Mahalia Martin, who he married in 1913. The place has not been found. Their only known child was William Martin (1918-1988).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


William Harmon Gentry


William "Bill" Martin Gentry


Susan Emily Goodwin


Grief Hickman Goodwin


John Walker Goodwin


Susanna Mustain


Achsah Caroline Price


Phineas K. Price


Paulina Bonaparte Waldo



Birth27 NOV 1871
Place: Ellsinore Carter County Missouri, USA
Death2 FEB 1936
Place: Trenton, Texas