Timothy Hancock


Personal and Family Information

Timothy was born on 1 DEC 1653 in Brailes, Warwickshire, England, the son of John Hancock and Elizabeth Beavington.

He died on 4 DEC 1714 in Burlington Co. NJ.

He had two marriages/partners. His first wife was Rachel Firman, who he married on 6 NOV 1684 in Evesham, Burlington County, NJ. Their only known child was Elizabeth (1686-1714).

His second wife was Susannah Ives. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their only known child was Hannah (1695-1725).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Timothy Hancock


John Hancock


Elizabeth Beavington



Birth1 DEC 1653
Place: Brailes, Warwickshire, England
Death4 DEC 1714
Place: Burlington Co. NJ


Note 1

Buried in Chester, Burlington, NJ (my 7th great grandfather - Cathy Gibbons Reedy)

from "A Book of Strattons" p. 238

In 1681 the ship "Paradise" brought a body of colonists, among whom were Timothy Hancock and his sister Mary, from Warwickshire.

Mary married William Matlock, who came in the "Kent." Timothy settled on a tract of 100 acres of land in Burlington County, between the forks of the Pensauken Creek, about two miles from the present town of Moorestown. In 1682, in connection with William Matlock and John Roberts, he bought a piece of land of the Indian chief Tallaca, the original deed to which is still preserved by a descendant of Wm. Matlock:

Know all people that I tallaca have had and Received of & from John Roberts with the consent of the neighborhood at pimsawquin one match coate one Little Runlit of Rum and two bottles of Rum In Consideration whearof I the said taleca doe hearby grant Bargin & sell unto the said John Roberts timothy Hancock and William Matlock all those plantations at pimsawquin promising for Ever to defend the said John Roberts &c from all other Indians Laying any Claime theareto in wittness whearof I the said talleca have hear unto set my hand and seale the twelveth day of April 1684.

"the mark of Z talleca."

Timothy was a young man when he came to New Jersey. Three years later,--November 16, 1684,--he married Rachel Firman, in Evesham monthly meeting. Rachel died before 1690 and Timothy married Susannah Ives.(*) He was a prominent man in the colony.

Note 2

Publications, Newton Township, Old Gloucester County, West New Jersey, by John Clement, Camden, NJ, 1877, page 233-234.

"In 1681, there came from Brayles, a small town in the southwestern part of Warwickshire, a young man named Timoth Hancock, accompanied by his sister, who was about fifteen years of age. Without friends or means, they lived in a very humble manner among the settlers, but the demand for workmen soon found Timothy employment, and the demand for wives did not leave Mary without a suitor. She was married to the subject of this sketch [William Matlock] the next year. They then removed to a tract of land which he had located between the north and south branch of Penisaukin creek in Chester township, Burlington county. Her brother also located a survey adjoining, and in 1684, married Rachel Firman. These surveys contained one hundred acres each, and were generally know as "head lands", being the quantity to which each male person coming as a servant was entitled under the regulation established by the proprietors. Many young men were styled "servants" and received their one hundred acres of land, who were persons of education, and who afterwards became prominent citizens of the colony.

William Matlack and Timothy Hancock soon found their neighborhood was a desirable one; for new settlements were made there in a short time, and went on increasing until a meeting of Friends was established at the house of Timothy Hancock by the consent of Burlington Friends in 1685."