Richard Graham


Personal and Family Information

Richard was born about 1580 in Cumberland, England, the son of Fergus Graham and Sibill Beall.

He died on 28 JAN 1653 in Newmarket, Yorkshire, England.

His wife was Catherine Musgrave, who he married in ABT 1623. The place has not been found. Their seven known children were Sir George (1624-1658), Richard (1636-1711), Catherine (1617-?), Mary (1618-?), Elizabeth (1619-?), Susan (1620-?) and Henrietta Maria (?-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Richard Graham


Fergus Graham


Matthias Graham


Sibill Beall


William Beall





BirthABT 1580
Place: Cumberland, England
Death28 JAN 1653
Place: Newmarket, Yorkshire, England


Note 1

MILITARY: Joined the Royal army on the breaking out of the Civil War.
MILITARY: Battles and Wars> At the battle of Edgehill where he was severely wounded 1642.
OFFICE: Gentleman of the Horse to George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham and afterwards by Charles I 1620-1628.
OFFICE: Accompanied Charles, when Prince of Wales on his secret expedition to Spain.
OFFICE: [M.P.] Member of Parliament for Carlisle 1626.

HONORS: Knighted 1628/1629.
TITLES: Created Baronet 1628/1629.
TITLES: It is recorded in the Patent, by which his grandson was created Viscount Preston, that while recovering from his wounds received in this battle, the King ordered him to accept the rank of a Viscount in the Peerage of Scotland, which had been offered to him in 1635, but which he had then declined, and that the monarch delivered to him a warrant with his own hands, but that it was subsequently burnt by the rebels, when they destroyed his house and took possession of his person.

RESIDENCE: Of Esk and Netherby, Cumberland, and of North Conyers, Yorkshire, England.
PROPERTY: Acquired Norton Conyers, Yorkshire and the estate of Netherby, Cumberland 1623/1624.
Purchased the Forest of Nicholl, the lordships of Arthuret, Liddell and Randelington, the fishing of and in the water of Esk, Cumberland and also the lands called the debatable lands in Cumberland, together with the patronage of the Church of Kirkandrews 1628.
PUNISHMENT: Compounded for delinquency in bering arms against the Parliament, was taken prisoner when on his way to Newark and fined 1646.
PUNISHMENT: Reversal> His personal estate was restored to him and his sequestration suspended 1648.

PROBATE: Will dated 26 Mar 1653; codicil Newmarket 18 Jan 1653/1654; will proved London, Middlesex, England 30 Jan 1653/1654 [PCC: 374, Alchin].

INVESTIGATE: Burial> The entries from the registers of Wath, near Ripon, have been taken from Topographer and Genealogist, III. 414-436.

STATE OF HEALTH: Severely wounded at the battle of Edgehill 1642.