Prudence Hancock


Personal and Family Information

Prudence was born in 1726 in NJ, the daughter of Godfrey Hancock III and Sarah Hulitt.

She died on 29 JAN 1781 in Burlington, NJ.

Her husband was Thomas Aden Antram, who she married in JAN 1747 in Burlington, NJ. Their ten known children were Godfrey Robert (1753-<1802), Sarah (1749-1804), Johathan (1755-?), Aden (1750-1831), William (1759-?), Martha (?-?), Mary (1766-?), Prudence (1768-1853), Mercy (1778-?) and Thomas (1763-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Prudence Hancock


Godfrey Hancock III


John Hancock Sr


Godfrey Hancock


Mary Walker


Anne Webb


Sarah Hulitt



Place: NJ
Death29 JAN 1781
Place: Burlington, NJ