June 27 - July 11 2008

  • 1970-12_Lemkes
    The Lemkes, 1970
  • 1970_02_12_GibRL
  • 1970_03_13BillRegHelCathy
    Bill, Reg, Helen and Cathy, North Tulsa
  • 1970_03_14_Jim-Wade
    Jim and Wade Howell
  • 1970_04_15_Cathy
    Cathy in yard on 51st St. North
  • 1970_05_23_MerryBCathy-Shannon
    Merry Beth, Shannon Stanley and Cathy at Mohawk Zoo
  • 1970_05_23_Mitchell-Shannon
    Mitchell Gibbons and Shannon Stanley at Mohawk Zoo, Tulsa
  • 1970_07_04_Greenbriar
    Ruby Tyler, Cathy Gibbons Reedy, Levi Tyler and Mike Reedy, 1970 in Greenbriar, Arkansas at Granny and Papa's house on the highway.