June 27 - July 11 2008

  • 1970_03_13BillRegHelCathy
    Bill, Reg, Helen and Cathy, North Tulsa
  • 1971_02_00tysroom
    Cathy in Tylers room before he was born
  • 1971_02_02_helen cath gert
    Cathy and Gertsie, standing, seated, Helen Reedy, Winnie Sparks, Annabell Lee
  • 1971_02_17_Cathy
  • 1971_02_17_Gertsie-MB-RosaL
    Gertsie, Merry Beth, Rosa Lee
  • 1971_02_17_MerryBDebraCathy
    Merry Beth, Debbie Mullings, Cathy
  • 1971_02_27_ty first photo
    Tyler's first photo
  • 1971_02_27_ty-001
    Tyler Don Reedy