Thomas Dunagan


Personal and Family Information

Thomas was born on 16 JUN 1706 in St. John, Limerick, Ireland, the son of William Dunagan and Sarah .

He died after 1782 in Surry County, NC.

His wife was Sarah , who he married in 1726. The place has not been found. Their six known children were Joseph (1740-1810), Charles (?-c1813), Thomas (c1727-1810), John (<1730->1780), Joshua (c1737-c1798) and William (1738-1798).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Thomas Dunagan


William Dunagan





Birth16 JUN 1706
Place: St. John, Limerick, Ireland
DeathAFT 1782
Place: Surry County, NC


Note 1

Two theories exist pertaining to Thomas Dunagan’s immigration to America. One source states he immigrated to VA in 1738, while another suggests he came to GA in 1732. However, the latter is obviously incorrect, in as much as GA was not settled until 1733, and at that time only by British subjects. He is believed to have moved to Orange County, NC, after 1740 or 1750, and then to Surry County, NC before 1767. He may have died as late as 1782.

Information from William Bradley Dunagan research