Joseph Dunagan Sr.


Personal and Family Information

Joseph was born in 1740 in VA or NC, the son of Thomas Dunagan and Sarah .

He died in 1810. The place is not known.

His wife was Sarah Unknown. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their eight known children were Ezekiel Jackson (1771-1836), Joseph (c1760-?), Isaiah (c1770-c1813), Abner (1773-1852), Andrew (1775-1848), Patrick (c1783-1819), Tyre (1787-1864) and Joshua (c1798-1844).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Joseph Dunagan Sr.


Thomas Dunagan


William Dunagan







Place: VA or NC


Note 1

The progenitor of most Hall County, Georgia residents with this surname was Ezekiel Dunagan, who in 1804 was living in and near the Wofford Settlement on the frontier of Georgia and the Cherokee Nation. The settlement was known as Joshua Darnigan's original settlers and Darnigan's new settlers. Listed in the group were: Joshua Darnigan, deceased; Joseph Dunagon, Ezekial Dunagan and Isiah Dunagan - more than likely father and sons. As a soldier in the War of 1812, Ezekiel Dunegin was listed in 1814 on the muster role as a spy for Fort Early, located in Jackson County, GA. The 1796 payroll of a detachment of militia infantry and US spies garrisoned at Fort Irwin at War Hill gives Andrew Dunningham, Joseph Dunagin (Spy) and Joseph Dunagin. William Stewart wrote in Gone to Georgia that Andrew, Ezekiel, Joseph and Isaiah Dunnigan (or those listed by the various spellings) were probably located in Orange County, North Carolina.