Henry Reedy


Personal and Family Information

Henry was born about 1798 in Grayson County, VA, the son of George Peter Reedy and Mary Polly Sisk.

He died before 1850 in Ashe County, NC.

His wife was Ruth Sells. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their eight known children were George (c1819-?), James (1821-?), Mary Ann (1823-1915), Elizabeth (1826-1899), Jacob (c1827-1904), Minerva (c1829-?), Joseph R. (1831-1912) and Ada (1833-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Henry Reedy


George Peter Reedy


Johann Jacob Riedy


Hans (Johan) Otto Riedi


Anna Margaretha


Maria Elisabeth Giltner


Mary Polly Sisk



BirthABT 1798
Place: Grayson County, VA
DeathBEF 1850
Place: Ashe County, NC


Note 1

Henry Reedy was born about 1798 in Grayson County, VA. He died before 1850 in Ashe County, NC. Henry was born in Virginia in 1798 To George Peter and Mary Reedy of Grayson County. Some family historians in the past has given his parents as John and Anna Reedy of Ashe County, NC. This is not correct. There are no records to confirm that John and Anna ever existed. Fredrick Reedy of Grayson County left a will in 1859, and on that will he divided his property among his brother and sisters since he had no heirs of his own. Henry Reedy received the first lot. Also members of the Sells/Black family line list Henry Reedy as the son of George & Mary Reedy along with his brother Samuel. They both married Sells sisters of Ashe County. I believe that Henry was the son of George Peter Reedy. The list of his children is from the information from Bessie (Reedy) Keith. It should also be mentioned here that Bessie Keith listed a Joseph R. Reedy as a son of Henry Reedy. James Troy Reedy (1868-1960), grandson of John Reedy reported that Joseph was the son of John Reedy, and was his uncle. In the land transactions of Ashe County it would appear that George, James, Jacob, and Joseph were all brothers and heirs of Henry Reedy. On October 18, 1831 Henry bought 100 acres on the Little Helton for $50 from James Osborne. On September 18, 1833 he bought an additional 150 acres on Longs Branch from William Mink for $100. Then on May 28, 1838 he received a grant #2585 for 60 acres on the East Fork of Long's Branch. He had a total of 310 acres. On May 31, 1860, sometime after Henry's death, Jacob and George deeded 75 acres on the Little Helton to Ruth Thompson, thier mother now remarried. And on March 7, 1862 Jacob and Joseph, heirs of Henry sold 76 acres on the "corner of the old Reedy tract" to William Waddell. It would appaer the James, Joseph, and Jacob received the 310 acres after their father's death. 

Genealogy collection of Bessie E. (Reedy) Keith, Mesa, AZ. Family on file with the LDS Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT. 

Any information I have for this family came by way of Rebecca (Reedy) Sisk of Altavista, VA, in 1980. Also from family group sheets made by Bessie Edith (Reedy) Keith of Mesa, AZ. She filed this information with the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City. She was a descendant of Aras B. Reedy and claimed to have recieved some of her information from a Dr. Carl Reed Black of Landis, NC. *