Hans (Johan) Otto Riedi


Personal and Family Information

Hans was born about 16 APR 1682 in Filisur, Graubunden, Switzerland, the son of Jachem Riedi and Anna Janet.

He died on 16 AUG 1756 in Marlboro Township, Montgomery County, PA.

His wife was Anna Margaretha, who he married on 22 OCT 1716 in Irtzweiler, Ulmet, Zweibrucken, Germany. Their three known children were Johann Jacob (1717-1790), Johann Peter (1720-1801) and Anna Margaretha (1723-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Hans (Johan) Otto Riedi


Jachem Riedi


Hanzet Lutzi Riedi


Ursina Pol Caspar


Anna Janet



BirthABT 16 APR 1682
Place: Filisur, Graubunden, Switzerland
Death16 AUG 1756
Place: Marlboro Township, Montgomery County, PA


Note 1

Hans Otto Riedi was born about 16 Apr 1685 in Filisur, Graubunden, Switzerland. There are no birthdates or baptisimal records for Hans Otto, as he was born before 1690 when parish recordkeeping began. His birthdate is based on the age recorded at the time of his death by Schultz. He died on 16 Aug 1756 in Marlboro Township, Montgomery County, PA. The date of death for Hans Otto Riedi was found in The German Journals of Schultz, by David Schultz a surveyor who kept quite detailed records of the german population in and around Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The passage read: "den 16en August ist der alte Hans Otto Riedy in Marlborogh auch gestorben 71 jahr 4 monat alt den isten begraben worden." (old Hans Otto Riedy died August 16, 1756 in Marlborogh at age 71 years, and 4 months old. - Translated from german) Hans Otto left Filisur, Switzerland about 1714 and settled for a time in the hamlet of Irtzweiler, the parish of Ulmet, district of Lictenberg in the duchy of Zweibrucken, Elector of Palatine, Germany. There he married his wife and all of his children were born, being baptized at the Ulmet Reformed Church. The family stayed in Irtzweiler until the year 1739, when they departed for America. 

They arrived in this country on the ship Samuel on Aug 27, 1739, landing in Philadelphia from Rotterdam. The Samuel was commanded by Hugh Percy, and this voyage contained 340 pasengers including 111 male Palatinates age 16 or older. (The Palatinate Pamphlets, Vol.3) & (Publications of the German Fokelore Society, Vol. I page 110.) On that same day Hans Otto, Johann Jacob, and Johann Peter took the Oath of Government in Philadelphia. It is believed that they each had to spend time as indentured servants to someone in this country to pay for their passage to America. 

Hans Otto and his oldest son Johann Jacob settled in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania; Hans living in Marlborogh Township and Jacob settling in the Goshenhoppen area.

He was married to Anna Margaretha on 22 Oct 1716 in Irtzweiler, Ulmet, Zweibrucken, Germany. Marriage was performed in Baumholder Reformed Church, on 22 Oct 1716. Even though Hans Otto lived in Irtzweiler, he was a member of the Brumholder Reformed Church located just a few miles north. Hans Otto Riedi and Anna Margaretha had the following children: 

+14 i. Johann Jacob Riedy. 
+15 ii. Johann Peter Riedy. 
16 iii. Anna Margaretha Riedy was born in 1723 in Irtzweiler, Ulmet, Zweibrucken, Germany. She was christened on 10 Nov 1723 in Irtzweiler, Ulmet, Zweibrucken, Germany. No birthdate given. Baptized Ulmet Reformed Church, Oberamt Lictenberg, Duchy of Zweibrucken, Germany. At this time there have been no records found for this daughter in Pennsylvania. No women were listed in ship's records. There is no evidence one way or the other that she ever left Germany with her family, although I believe she did.