John Riedy


Personal and Family Information

John was born on 17 NOV 1764 in Heidelberg, Berks County, PA, the son of Johann Peter Riedy and Anna Margaretha.

He died on 3 MAR 1835 in Stouchsburg, Berks County, PA.

He had two marriages/partners. His first wife was Maria Magdalena Wertz, who he married on 29 JAN 1793 in Heidelberg, Berks County, PA. Their three known children were Magdalena (1793-?), Elizabeth (1795-1850) and Johnnes (1797-?).

His second wife was Anna Maria Wertz, who he married on 19 DEC 1797 in Heidelberg, Berks County, PA. Their six known children were Suzanna (?-?), Wilhelm (?-?), Samuel (?-?), Jacob (?-?), Nelionora Rity (1805-?) and Magdalena (1830-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


John Riedy


Johann Peter Riedy


Hans (Johan) Otto Riedi


Jachem Riedi


Anna Janet


Anna Margaretha


Anna Margaretha



Birth17 NOV 1764
Place: Heidelberg, Berks County, PA
Death3 MAR 1835
Place: Stouchsburg, Berks County, PA