Elizabeth Riedy


Personal and Family Information

Elizabeth was born on 19 SEP 1795 in Heidelberg, Berks County, PA, the daughter of John Riedy and Maria Magdalena Wertz.

She died on 26 FEB 1850 in Heidelberg, Berks County, PA.

Her husband was Jacob Lengel, who she married on 5 JAN 1819. The place has not been found. Their two known children were Jared (1828-1880) and Amelia (1833-1872).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Elizabeth Riedy


John Riedy


Johann Peter Riedy


Hans (Johan) Otto Riedi


Anna Margaretha Koch


Anna Margaretha


Maria Magdalena Wertz



Birth19 SEP 1795
Place: Heidelberg, Berks County, PA
Death26 FEB 1850
Place: Heidelberg, Berks County, PA