Jasper Antrim Shiner


Personal and Family Information

Jasper was born on 29 DEC 1861 in Buckingham, Tama, Iowa, USA, the son of Tobias Riley Shiner and Mary Antrim.

He died on 28 MAR 1926 in Oklahoma City, OK.

He had two marriages/partners. His first wife was Bertha Grice, who he married on 10 SEP 1884 in Caldwell County, MO. Their only known child was Earnest Antrim (1898-?).

His second wife was Emma M Andrews, who he married on 2 NOV 1886 in Caldwell County, MO. They had no known children.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Jasper Antrim Shiner


Tobias Riley Shiner


George Hughes Shiner


Rachel Curlette Pierce


Michael Pierce Jr


Rachel Curlette


Mary Antrim


Aden James Antrim Sr


Godfrey Robert Antrim


Nancy Hannah Painter


Mary "Dolly" Sharp


Solomon Sharp


Rachel Masters



Birth29 DEC 1861
Place: Buckingham, Tama, Iowa, USA
Death28 MAR 1926
Place: Oklahoma City, OK