Aden James Antrim Sr


Personal and Family Information

Aden was born on 16 JAN 1785 in Frederick County, Virginia, the son of Godfrey Robert Antrim and Nancy Hannah Painter.

He died on 7 MAR 1833 in Sabina, Clinton County, Ohio.

His wife was Mary "Dolly" Sharp, who he married on 4 NOV 1810 in Clinton, OH. Their eleven known children were Sarah (1812-?), Thomas (1813-1875), William (1815-?), Rachel (1816-?), Rhoda (1819-1877), Delila (1821-1875), Jesse (1823-1835), Keziah Jane (1826-1904), Mary (1828-1912), Aden (1830-c1918) and Hannah Jane (1833-1907).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Aden James Antrim Sr


Godfrey Robert Antrim


Thomas Aden Antram


Thomas John Antrim


Sarah Zelley


Prudence Hancock


Godfrey Hancock III


Sarah Hulitt


Nancy Hannah Painter


John Painter


Hannah H. Braddock


Robert Taylor Braddock


Elizabeth Hancock



Birth16 JAN 1785
Place: Frederick County, Virginia
Death7 MAR 1833
Place: Sabina, Clinton County, Ohio


Note 1

Adin was killed when he was walking along the road by what in 1882 was called Quinn Schoolhouse. A tree fell over on him as he walked by the school. Both he and his wife are buried in Evans Cem.

He and his wife Dolly were married November 8, 1810 in Clinton County, Ohio. They bore eleven known children: Sarah, Thomas, William, Rachel, Rhoda, Delia, Jesse, Keziah, Mary, Aden, and Hannah Jane.

Two of their children, Thomas and Delila married children of Mr & Mrs Philip Cline II. In some records his name is shown as Adon & Adin & Aiden. His sister, Mary Roberts, spells it Aiden in her Journal. I have also seen it spelled Aden, which is a family name, spelled that way (Aden). The 1882 History of Clinton County, Wayne Twp (p817) says that Aden owned the farm "now" owned by Daniel Adams.

He was born to Godfrey R. Antrim and his wife Nancy H. Painter in Frederick County, which later became known as Warren County. Another record indicates Aden may have been born January 16, 1785.

Aden's sister Mary Roberts wrote in her journal (printed in the Summer 1995 issue of the Antrim Family Tree Newsletter) that as Aiden's younger brother was near death at age 21 (in about 1808) he told his sister that some land he had just bargained for in Ohio should go to Aiden since Aiden also lived in Ohio, noting that Aiden would have to pay for the land since it was not yet paid for.

Mary goes on then to say: "Brother next older (to John), brother to John, came to Clinton County, Ohio prior to 1810, took charge of the land that Brother John had bargained for. He had only a little property consisting of two young cows in the milk at the time. Mr Draper (Thomas Draper, husband of Mary & Aiden's sister Grace) moved from Redstone (Fayette County in Pennsylvania) to Clinton County, Ohio and Brother Aiden made his home with him and worked and accumulated property and finally married Dolly Sharp of Kentucky. He procured land for himself, perhaps 60 or 70 acres, made a farm and by industry and economy became well situated in life. He was a steady, judicious man, well respected by all that knew him. He joined the church founded by Abel M. Sargent of Kentucky, called the Halczon Church and became a preacher of that order. He had a large family of children, 10 in all. He was not permitted to live to see his family raised.

"He met his death by a melancholy accident at the age of 40 or past. On returning home from the mill with a sled, a tree by the road side, having lost its top, leaning at height, a stub fell across the sled and crushed him, killing him instantly. The horses broke and run, leaving him in the road with a portion of the sled, where he was found shortly after by two of the neighbors. The news came to the family and caused much grief and sorrow, but his poor wife did not survive him long, for some 18 months after she was taken down with the measles, together with her son some 10 or 12 years old, and neither recovered. They were both buried in the same grave. The children which remained, except such as were married made their home with Adam Grove, a son-in-law who afterward bought the home place." The accident occurred where "the Quinn Schoolhouse is."

For more on Aiden be sure to read the notes under his sister Mary, where she says, among other things, that Aiden (or Aden) became very religious, and had said of himself that he "felt religious right up to the top of his head."