Mary Ann Pierce


Personal and Family Information

Mary was born on 4 OCT 1791 in Pleasant Point, Harrison County, VA, the daughter of Michael Pierce Jr and Rachel Curlette.

She died on 21 FEB 1883 in Montrose, Illinois.

Her husband was Jacob Gibbons JR, who she married on 28 NOV 1811 in Pleasant Point, Virginia. Their ten known children were Hamilton John (1813-1839), Rachel Lavina (1816-1899), Alfred Pierce (1818-1905), Nathan Alvin (1820-1910), James Franklin (1825-1873), Mary Ann (1827-1872), Thomas Dorsey (1830-1903), Newton Walker (1833-1911), Sarah Catherine (1836-<1900) and Fielden T. Languary (1839-1894).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Mary Ann Pierce


Michael Pierce Jr


Michael Pierce Sr


Lydia Unknown


Rachel Curlette



Birth4 OCT 1791
Place: Pleasant Point, Harrison County, VA
Death21 FEB 1883
Place: Montrose, Illinois


Mary Pierce ...


Note 1

Mary is reported to be a favorite niece of President Franklin Pierce. She died in the home of her son, Thomas Dorsey Gibbons in Montrose, Illinois. Faunce Cemetery

Source Hal Gibbens --Mary Ann Gibbons, Jacob's second wife, was an Niece of Margaret Grove)