Russell Harrison 'Harry' Gibbons


Personal and Family Information

Russell was born on 10 MAR 1891 in Clay County, Indiana, the son of Allen Gibbons and Anna Lisa (Eliza) Luther.

He died on 24 NOV 1974 in Tulsa, OK.

He had two marriages/partners. His first wife was Melvina Speck, who he married on 8 AUG 1914 in Tulsa, OK. They had no known children.

His second wife was Hazel Viola Cline, who he married on 8 APR 1917 in Tulsa, OK. Their ten known children were Marvin Russell (1918-?), John Lloyd (1919-2008), Dorothy Delila Louise (1921-2009), Mildred Lorene (1924-?), Ida Mae (1927-2011), Tommy Joshua Allen (1928-2013), James Edward (1933-?), Deloris Ann (1936-?), Billy Don (1940-?) and Robert Joe (1931-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Russell Harrison 'Harry' Gibbons


Allen Gibbons


John Gibbons Sr.


Jacob Gibbons JR


Mary Margaret Grove


Rhoda Antrim


Aden James Antrim Sr


Mary "Dolly" Sharp


Anna Lisa (Eliza) Luther


Anderson Luther


Michael Luther


Frances 'Fannie' Graves


Julia E. Walls



Birth10 MAR 1891
Place: Clay County, Indiana
Death24 NOV 1974
Place: Tulsa, OK


1923_Harry G...


Note 1

Melvina passed away. No children

Laborer for the WPA in 1940 Fry, Tulsa, Oklahoma